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  • Easy Filler Bottle Filler

    Welcome to Easy Filler Manufacturing. The BEST manual bottle filler on the market!

    EFM has been in the beer business for 30 years, and being in the craft brewery business, there has been a need for inexpensive, dependable, high quality counter pressure bottle fillers to fill bomber bottles at pubs, sparkling wine at tasting rooms, or even for filling still alcohol products across the industry!


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  • Tough, Inexpensive, Dependable Bottle Filler!

    Easy Filler Manufacturing is a manufacturing company, providing high quality bottle filling equipment for the beer and wine industry. These totally manual bottle filling machines will fill either carbonated beer, or still wine or spirits, into bottles, quick and clean, at an affordable price.


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  • We Know The Industry

    We have partnered with a local micro brewery owner to come up with a product to offer the brewing industry this easy bottle filling system. With 30 years in the beer and wine industry, we know what you need.


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  • You'll Love It!

    Check out the numerous features that our bottle filling system includes! EFM provides a quality bottle filler at an affordable price. We will work with you to ensure your transision to an economical bottle filler will be as easy and stress free as possible. You may not be proficient when you first start, but the EFM bottle filler will quickly allow you to become an efficient processor of wine or beer.


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Our Process

  • Step 1 Build

    Upon receipt of your order, EFM will hand build your 4 head manual bottle filler to exact manufacturing standards using the highest quality parts. All contact pieces on the bottle filler are food grade plastic, hose, or stainless steel connectors. The bottle filler frame is welded stainless steel. Stage and overhead are one inch food grade plastic.

  • Step 2 Ship

    EFM bottle fillers are then securely crated in sturdy wooden crates, shipped and insured anywhere in the continental U.S.

  • Step 3 Set Up

    Complete detailed instructions on how to set up your new bottle filler are provided. You will be filling bottles with an expert flare before you know it.

  • Step 4 Support

    We have a comprehensive FAQ here on our Web site as well as being only a phone call away.

Why Choose Our Bottle Filler? We’ll Tell You!

  • Movable stage will handle almost any size bottle.
  • Pressure gage lets you determine counter pressure.
  • Inlet has product and gas lines.
  • Bottles are sealed by rubber bungs, held in place by a locking clamp.
  • Each line has a separate shut off.
  • Will fill 12-18 cases per hour with one operator.
  • Clean-up is easy by hooking up a keg of sanitizer.
  • Product quality is a top priority for Easy Filler Manufacturing. We maintain the highest of standards, not only in the production of our bottle filler, but also in the selection of all materials used in the manufacture of our bottle filler.

  • Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed! The bottle filler units work so well and are so simple to operate, if you are not completely satisfied, you pay shipping and we will refund your purchase price.

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