4 Head Bottle Filler OperationEasy to use, Easy to clean!

Connect CO2 inlet to CO2 tank and adjust bottle filler pressure to correspond to your products' tank or keg pressure.
Connect the bottle filler IN line to your products' tank or keg.
If desired, you can "T" the CO2 line to pressurize the bottle filler and your products' tank.
Insert the bottle filler outlet hose into a waste bucket or other suitable container for overflow.
Thread your bottles onto the filler stems, placing the bottles on the filler stage, and lock the filler heads on the bottles with the filler clamps.
Close the bottle filler outlet valve.
Open the bottle filler CO2 valve to pressurize your bottles to the same pressure as your products' tank or keg.
Close the bottle filler CO2 valve.
Open the product valve, making sure there is no back pressure from bottles going backwards into the product tank. If this is the case, lower the CO2 pressure.
Slowly open the bottle filler outlet valve to vent some of the pressure from the bottles, bottles will begin to fill. For faster filling, open the outlet valve more. For slower, or very carbonated product, keep the outlet valve more closed.
If the bottles fill at different speeds close the appropriate valve, every filler head has a separate valve. Product that reaches the outlet tube about .75 inches from the top of the bottle will flow out to the waste container. With a very foamy product, you can vent the excess foam out to the waste container until the desired fill is accomplished.
Shut off all head valves and then the main product line, If even fill rate is accomplished, you may just turn off the main product line, however all filler valves must be turned off before removing the bottles, or siphoning from the bottles still on the bottle filler may occur.
With all product valves closed, open the outlet valve to vent the head pressure. When the pressure gage is at or near zero, remove the bottles for capping and thread on 4 new bottles, and clamp filler heads on the bottles. You must then open all 4 single head valves, before you can CO2 pressurize the new bottles.

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A Few Tips


    Be Cool

    The bottle filler works best if everything is cold! Don't try to put cold beer into a warm bottle, or set up in a very hot room. Best of all is to fill bottles in your walk in, but not necessary.


    Be Gentle

    Don't try to crank the outlet needle valve closed, this will wear out the "0" ring prematurely. Gentle closing until it holds pressure is best.


    Keep it Clean

    When you are done filling product bottles, fill a small tank or keg with sanitizer. Thread on 4 bottles as if you were going to fill product bottles and instead fill with sanitizer until it fills the bottles and overflows in to the waste container. Remove bottles and vent product lines with CO2 already hooked up. Tip filler outlet lines to empty and let your bottle filler air dry.


    Don't Bug Me

    We've had a report of earwigs getting into the bottle filler's stems and hoses, so if you don't plan to use your bottle filler for an extended period, put some empty bottles on it and shut all the valves. This should be done after the unit is dry. You probably will not have this problem except in very rural areas.


    Not Too Tight

    Adjust the stage until it just snugly fits the heads on your bottles when clamped. It is a strain if the bottles fit to tightly. In most cases we field test your bottle filler using the same bottle you use, and we ship the bottle filler at the correct height and mark your filler, so you can return to the original height in case you change bottle size.


    Stay in Touch

    Be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns. We have had a great deal of experience in using the Easy Filler Bottling System with home brew, small breweries, and wineries. We are here to help you get the most from your bottle filler.

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