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I want to introduce you to the staff you will be doing business with, here at EFM. . .

  • Not ROY J. EMMONS, President & Founder

    Well. . .There is only one! ME!

    That's right! When you do business with Easy Filler Manufacturing, and decide on where to spend your hard earned money on a high quality, American craftsman made counter pressure bottle filler for your business, I will be the ONLY person you deal with!!

    When you have a question, You call me. I take your order, I take your dimensions, I hand build your filler.

    Then I build your crate, pack your numbered bottle filler inside, slap your invoice on the front, and drive it to the commercial UPS dock for shipping!

    If you have ANY issue, you talk to me, not Sarah in accounting, not John in the warehouse, and certainly not any one overseas. You talk to Roy.

    I am partnered with Brian Martella, owner, and operator of Atomic Forge welding. He manufactures the stainless steel frame for your filler. With 20 years experience in the welding business, Brian makes your bottle filler frame a piece of art, as you can see from his exquisite pieces, featured on his Website here.

    Our venture is dedicated to producing the highest quality, production, counter pressure bottle filler, at a modest cost. Made by professional craftsmen in America, your bottle filler will last a lifetime, and your dollars support small business in America!

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